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Precision power for your well-being!

The traditional Finnish delicacy "blueberry milk" has been transformed. Lappish blueberry and nourishing colostrum have been combined into a modern health product. Colostrum contains Vitamin B12, which promotes the normal functionality of the immune system, and is involved in the cell division process. Blueberries help to maintain a healthy mucous membrane in the stomach and the small intestine, as well as maintaining normal eye health. Energy, vitality and resistance for the entire family!


VITAL (colostrum and blueberry) nutritional content

VITAL (colostrum and blueberry) nutritional content

All nutrients co-operate with each other within our system. Therefore they need each other. That is why, in our products, we use natural raw materials that amaze with the broad spectrum of the nutrients.

Nutritional Information 3 tablets
energy0,4 kJ
energy0,1 kcal
fat1,7 mg
total fatty acids0,5 mg
fatty acids, polyunsaturated0,3 mg
fatty acids, n-3 polyunsaturated0,15 mg
rasvahapot n-6 monityydyttymättömät0,15 mg
fatty acid 18:2 cis,cis n-6 (linoleic acid)184,5 µg
Carbohydrate Components
carbohydrate, available15,15 mg
fibre, total4,95 mg
starch2,7 mg
sugars12,6 mg
fructose6,9 mg
glucose5,55 mg
polysaccharides, non-cellulosic, water-soluble0,75 mg
fibre, water-insoluble3,9 mg
Protein and nitrogen compounds
protein299,6 mg
tryptophan15 µg
histamine0,02 µg
Vitamins and minerals
calcium39,31 µg
iron0,91 µg
iodine0,002 µg
potassium174 µg
magnesium15,3 µg
sodium7,21 µg
salt7,65 µg
phosphorus39,01 µg
selenium0,0003 µg
zinc0,32 µg
folate, total-0,02 µg
niacin equivalent NE0,9 µg
niacin0,6 µg
Vitamin B60,09 µg
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)0,04 µg
Vitamin B1 (thiamine)0,2 µg
Vitamin B12 (cobalamin)4,9 µg
Vitamin C10,5 µg
Vitamin A0,01 µg
carotenoids0,47 µg
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)2,85 µg
Vitamin K0,01 µg
molybdenum0,0002 µg
copper0,002 µg
manganese0,002 µg
chloride16,22 µg
Natural acids incl. phenolic acids
caffeic acid31,65 µg
ferulic acid1,8 µg
gallic acid3,6 µg
p-coumaric acid10,65 µg
protocatechuic acid5,55 µg
sinapinic acid0,6 µg
syringic acid21,9 µg
vanillic acid9,75 µg
benzoic acid240 µg
citric acid861 µg
malic acid765 µg
chlorogenic acid268,5 µg
quinic acid487,5 µg
acetic acid54 µg
shikimic acid3,9 µg
organic acids2,1 µg
amino acids
alanine0,1 µg
arginine0,09 µg
phosphoserine0,27 µg
taurine0,83 µg
phosphoethanolamine0,3 µg
asparagine acid0,69 µg
threonine0,12 µg
serine0,13 µg
glutamic acid0,75 µg
glutamine0,3 µg
proline0,05 µg
glycine0,9 µg
citrulline0,04 µg
valine0,22 µg
cystine0,01 µg
methionine0,05 µg
isoleucine0,07 µg
leucine0,53 µg
tyrosine0,13 µg
phenylalanine0,23 µg
ornithine0,38 µg
lysine0,08 µg
histidine0,05 µg
asparagine acid0,06 µg
alpha-aminobutyrate0,01 µg
Other substances
creatine6,97 µg
L-carnitine0,12 µg
taurine0,3 µg
choline3,18 µg
ascorbic acid0,15 µg
alpha-lactalbumin15,02 µg
niacin0,01 µg
pantothenic acid0,01 µg
delphinidin413,7 µg
cyanidin440 µg
petunidin128,4 µg
peonidin26,7 µg
malvidin192,6 µg
unspecified anthocyanidins10,7 µg
catechins1,05 µg
epicatechins10,2 µg
kversetiini12,2 µg
myricetin4,7 µg
Phenolic polymers
proanthocyanidins222 µg
resveratrol0,1 µg
IgG190,1 µg
IgG215,6 µg
IgM8,4 µg
IgA6 µg
Antimicrobial factors
lactoferrin9 µg
lactoperoxidase180,2 µg
lysozyme2,4 µg
Growth factors
IGF-10,002 µg

The nutritional information of this product is based on laboratory analyses commissioned by producers, known average figures of the used ingredients, and calculations based on commonly known and accepted data.

Nutritional values of natural products are generated from average figures of nutrient amounts, and there may be some variation depending on the growth conditions and/or texture of the ingredient.

Arctic Nutrition is not responsible for possible errors occurring in the information. The customer is solely responsible for the interpretation of data and conclusions to be drawn therefrom. If you follow a special diet, consult with your doctor or dietitian.


We use nature’s own ingredients, such as berries and fruit.


All ingredients are processed without heat. This helps to maintain the vitality of delicate nutrients.


Our products only contain the most nutritious components of the ingredients.


We manufacture our products in accordance with the international GMP and ISO quality standards. These standards ensure the high quality and safety of the products.