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Booster is nature’s own energy bomb, with which you can accumulate power and energy for your every day.

This unique product combines the noni fruit, ripened in the extreme tropical conditions and used by Hawai’ians in folk medicine for centuries, and the lingonberry, enriched by Arctic forces, whose powerful effect has been harnessed by our ancestors since time immemorial.


BOOSTER (Noni and lingonberry)
nutritional information

BOOSTER (Noni and lingonberry)
nutritional information

All nutrients co-operate with each other within our system. Therefore they need each other. That is why, in our products, we use natural raw materials that amaze with the broad spectrum of the nutrients.

Nutritional Information 2 capsules
(recommended daily dosage)
energy0,40952 kJ
energy0,098 kcal
fat11,6 mg
total fatty acids0,6 mg
fatty acids, polyunsaturated0,54 mg
fatty acids, saturated7,74 mg
fatty acids, n-3 polyunsaturated0,2 mg
rasvahapot n-6 monityydyttymättömät0,2 mg
fatty acid 18:2 cis,cis n-6 (linoleic acid)250 µg
fatty acid 18:3 n-3 (alpha-linolenic acid)286 µg
sterols55,8 mg
Carbohydrate Components
carbohydrate, available0,4864 g
fibre, total0,12988 g
starch1,4 mg
sugars0,2903 g
fructose8,2 mg
glucose7,6 mg
sucrose0,4 mg
polysaccharides, non-cellulosic, water-soluble0,8 mg
cellulose1,2 mg
lignin1,8 mg
fibre, water-insoluble4,2 mg
Protein and nitrogen compounds
protein24,94 mg
total nitrogen0,24 mg
aspartic acid2,2 µg
glutamic acid1,142 mg
asparagine acid29,9 µg
serine1,0836 mg
glutamic acid7,7 µg
histidine11,2217 mg
glycerin0,3 µg
threonine3,2418 mg
citrulline1,1 µg
arginine0,4313 mg
alanine1,5021 mg
gamma-aminobutyric acid, GABA9,6 µg
tyrosine1,4428 mg
valine1,5021 mg
methionine0,96044 mg
tryptophan0,8431 mg
phenylalanine1,0208 mg
isoleucine0,2405 mg
leucine0,9008 mg
lysine0,7807 mg
hydroxyproline1,8694 mg
proline1,3841 mg
glycine2,22 mg
Vitamins and minerals
calcium2,018 mg
iron0,8162 µg
iodine0,002 µg
potassium160 µg
magnesium18 µg
sodium0,63598 mg
salt10,2 µg
phosphorus34,00798 µg
zinc0,4 µg
nickel0,01 µg
folate, total-0,09502 µg
manganese0,98598 µg
molybdenum0,0102 µg
niacin equivalent NE1,2 µg
niacin1 µg
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)0,80802 µg
Vitamin B1 (thiamine)0,2 µg
Vitamin C8,80168 mg
Vitamin A1,703212 µg
carotenoids0,062 µg
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)3 µg
Vitamin K0,018 µg
Natural acids incl. phenolic acids
hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives,35,2 µg
p-coumaric acid17 µg
caffeic acid9 µg
cinnamic acid7,2 µg
ferulic acid3 µg
gallic acid8,8 µg
protocatechuic acid8,8 µg
sinapinic acid0,6 µg
vanillic acid1,8 µg
citric acid364 µg
malic acid840 µg
benzoic acid270 µg
p-hydroxybenzoic acid2,6 µg
ursolic acid520 µg
Other substances
arbutin8,8 mg
Anthocyanins260,6 µg
cyanidin257,2 µg
peonidin3,4 µg
kversetiini26,2 µg
catechins42,8 µg
epicatechins8,4 µg
trans-resveratrol6 µg

The nutritional information of this product is based on laboratory analyses commissioned by producers, known average figures of the used ingredients, and calculations based on commonly known and accepted data.

Nutritional values of natural products are generated from average figures of nutrient amounts, and there may be some variation depending on the growth conditions and/or texture of the ingredient.

Arctic Nutrition is not responsible for possible errors occurring in the information. The customer is solely responsible for the interpretation of data and conclusions to be drawn therefrom. If you follow a special diet, consult with your doctor or dietitian.


We use nature’s own ingredients, such as berries and fruit.


All ingredients are processed without heat. This helps to maintain the vitality of delicate nutrients.


Our products only contain the most nutritious components of the ingredients.


We manufacture our products in accordance with the international GMP and ISO quality standards. These standards ensure the high quality and safety of the products.