Six nutritious
berries and fours
strong herbs.

Try it and experience
the power of Arctic nature!

From ancient times...

From the Finnish forests, midst centuries-old trees, comes Elixir. Nordic berries and herbs have long been a powerful remedy in folk medicine.

We selected six nutrient-rich berries and four strong herbs for Elixir. modern technology

After picking the berries, we freeze them immediately. This way we can preserve their nutritional vitality.

In preparation the frozen berries are opened and we extract their valuable seed oils for our rare nutrient entirety.

...and finnish know how

We pack our Elixir in bottles with a special protective layer in the inner surface.

This secures the vitality and shelf life of Elixir in a unique way – for Your wellbeing.

Experience the taste and power of Arctic nature!

Arktic Berries and Herbs Marjat ja yrtit
Elixir’s berries have completely unique nutritional values

Six berries tempered and ripened by Nordic nature have been picked from pristine Finnish forests, and processed in a way which ensures that you can enjoy completely unique organic nutrition.

Black currant

Ribes nigrum

Sea buckthorn

Hippophae rhamnoides


Empetrum nigrum


Vaccinium vitis-idaea


Vaccinium myrtillus


Vaccinium oxycoccos

Herbs from the Arctic region complete the recipe

The herbs in the Elixir work well with the berries, and make the recipe perfect. Every herb is a carefully planned part of a whole, which constitutes an important part of your everyday well-being.

In exceptional conditions grow exceptional ingredients. We use these ingredients to manufacture Arctic Elixir, where you can taste the primal strength of Arctic nature.


Urtica dioica


Rhodiola rosea


Achillea millefolium


Angelica archangelica